Torso Sexy Doll With Slim Waist And Big Ass
❤Body measurement:❤Overall length: 20.86 inches❤Bust: 22.83 inches❤Hips: 25.19 inches❤Weight: 18.29 LBTRIPLE PLEASURE: This realistic female torso masturbator makes every inch count with her full round tits, lifelike deep quivering pussy, and naughty puckered deep asshole LOVE AT FIRST THRUST: Her...
$359.99 $229.99
Male Sex Doll, Male Masturbator Torso Dolls with 3D Realistic Virgin Pussy Ass and Tight Anus, Scaled-Down Female Sex Doll Sex Toy with Soft Big Boobs Pussy Ass Butt
❤Body measurement: ❤Length: 12.6in ❤Width: 8.27in ❤Weight: 7.7LB       Perfect Torso Sex Doll: This male doll is reduced in proportion to the figure of the sexy female model, with an S-shaped figure, full breast milk, and beautiful buttocks....
$299.99 $119.96
Luxury Sexy Doll With Big Boobs And White Legs
❤Body measurement:❤Overall length: 33.85 inches❤Bust: 38.9 inches❤Hips: 38.18 inches❤Weight: 72.6 LBPERFECT SHAPE FOR DOGGY STYLE. -I bet this is the most charming sex doll for men you have ever seen. Slender waist, plump ass. The lifelike masturbator toy is full...
$999.99 $666.00
A Mini Luxury Sex Doll, Beyond Your Imagination
❤Body measurement:❤Total length: 17.72 inches❤Shoulder width: 10.24 inches❤Waist: 17.71 inches❤Bust: 24.8 inches❤Hips: 29.52 inches❤Weight: 18.74 pounds This mini doll masturbator is scaled according to the figure of a charming mature female. If you need a larger size doll, please visit...
$299.99 $219.99
Luxury Torso Sex Doll With Soft Skin And A Big Ass
Body measurement❤Height: 8.66 inches❤Width: 12.6 inches❤Length: 15.75 inches❤Weight: 24.25 pounds 【Molded From A Real Butt】 This sex doll ass is molded from a real women, it is like young women with sexy curves, its charming rounded hips, virgin vagina and...
$499.99 $249.99
Luxury Mini Sex Doll With Oversized Boobs
❤Body measurement:❤Overall length: 11.41 inches❤Shoulder width: 5.51 inches❤Waist: 11.02 inches❤Bust: 17.71 inches❤Hip: 17.32 inches❤Weight: 5.01LB   This incredibly pretty, life-like pleasure doll offers up gorgeously large boobs to wrap your hands around or slide your cock between , a tight,...
$169.99 $79.99
Sex Doll Male Masturbators Toy with Big Boobs Pussy Ass, Lifelike Adult Male Sex Doll with 3D Realistic Torso ,Tight Vagina Anus Breast Sex for Men Masturbation
❤Body measurement: ❤Overall Length: 16.53in ❤Bust: 12.99in ❤Waist: 9.84in ❤Weight: 25LB   Sex Doll Male Masturbators Toy with Big Boobs Pussy Ass, Lifelike Adult Male Sex Doll with 3D Realistic Torso, Tight Vagina Anus Breast Sex for Men Masturbation  ...
$499.99 $319.99
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