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Absorbent Sticks are specially designed for sex dolls. As the internal tunnels are not flat, a lot of water will remain during cleaning and bacteria will accelerate growth in a humid environment. For solving this problem, just insert the stick into your sex doll. The special material with thousands of invisible tiny holes will absorb the water immediately.


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Safe Porous Material

The stick is made of Diatom mud from a deep mining area. The Diatom mud is a kind of siliceous sedimentary rock mainly consisting of diatoms and their skeletons, which are odorless and safe to use. 100% diatomaceous earth and its porous structure make it PERFECT to absorb moisture without damaging the material of your doll or posing any danger to your health.

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How To Use

  • 1. Gently insert it into the tunnel of a newly cleaned doll.
  • 2. Insert it into the bottom and the inner wall of the tunnel.

Matters Need Attention

  1. 1. After 15-30 minutes, dry the stick in a ventilated place
  2. 2. It can be used more than 50 times after testing.


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